ASPSuite Release Notes

June 12, 2018 – Version 2018.1.39

  • Added support for AUSGeoid2020. (7654)
  • Fixed an issue with licenses that allowed you to check-in licenses even when not connected to License Server. (7653)

May 31, 2018 – Version 2018.1.35

  • Fixed a Date/Time format compatibility issue on the Images page of the Flight Wizard/ Edit Flight dialog. (7620)

May 30, 2018 – Version 2018.1.34

  • Add Processing page to Flight Wizard/ Edit Flight dialog with project specific option settings. (7588)
  • Modifying a property on the Edit Flight dialog will set the current processing step back only as far as necessary to implement the modification. (7589)
  • Added UTC Time column to the Images page of the Flight Wizard/ Edit Flight dialog, uses selected time to compute image UTC times. (7593)
  • Added license expiration warming. (6780)
  • Added a notification that fixed an issue with the Ephemeris file which timed out and failed without notifying user. (6821)
  • Added support for dual Gimble offset. (7456)
  • Expanded license string dialog so all characters will be visible. (7574)
  • The Date/Time of the Base Station observation file will be validated against the Date/Time of the Rover SBF file and the results will display after browsing. (7596)
  • Success/Failure messages that display after each step have been standardized for clarity and will reference the step name. (7609)

May 21, 2018 – Version 2018.1.31

  • Updated Options dialog, added General and Advanced tabs. (7569)
  • Updated Ephemeris Tab of Project/Flight set-up wizard to include FTP site links. (7519)
  • Modified Auto-download Ephemeris to download GPS versions when GPS+GLONASS is not
    available and offer option to use GPS files. (7567)
  • Added M-210 Mount I and M-210 Mount II to the MEP/Lever Arm Offsets list on Rover page of Flight Wizard/Edits dialog. (7551)
  • Fixed an issue where the UTC DateTime range failed when extracting SBF when the SBF spans a GPS week and affected selection of SBF file and down stream processing. (7552)
  • Added a combobox to Options dialog to specify Signal-to-Noise Ratio Masks used to eliminate satellites with low SNR values during GNSS Trajectory processing. (7553)
  • Expanded list of supported Geoids has been added to the Geoids pulldown menu in the Options dialog. (7555)
  • Resolved issue that caused ASP to incorrectly convert local times to UTC which led project to fail when browsing for DAT file while using Windows 7. (7466)
  • Fixed an issue to remove bad satellites from downloaded Ephemeris files. (7488)
  • Fixed an issue with language/cultural number formatting with swapped comma/periods. (7566)

April 18, 2018 – Version 2018.1.23

  • Updated Options dialog, added RTKLIB version radio buttons. (7451)
  • Added Glonass satellites in ASPSuite Processing to Options Dialog. (7447)

April 11, 2018 – Version 2018.1.21

  • Fixed an issue that caused ASPSuite to fail when multiple Base Observation Files are RINEX 3.0 format. (7433)

April 6, 2018 – Version 2018.1.20

  • Added  button to License Dialog to Renew the current license for the default number of roaming days. (7391)
  • Upgraded TEQC.EXE to latest version. (7409)
  • In Options Dialog, added option to convert Base Observation File to RINEX 3.0 prior to RTK processing. (7412)


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