10 articles Terrasolid Tutorials

Under the following topics you can find various training animations for your self-training. For some training topics, there are training data sets available. Please note that some of the training animations do not represent the latest developments in the software, hence, may be partly outdated. The animations are not intended for replacing comprehensive training courses offered by GeoCue.

Basic Training 7 – Adjust camera calibration values and image positions

Adjust camera calibration values and image positions Video: Basic training 7 90.8 MB 06/2015 working with tie points place tie points manually and half-automatically compute and apply optimal camera misalignment angles apply optimal principle point and lens distortion values automatic tie point search compute shadow maps search tie points automatically filter out bad tie points…


Basic Training 6 – Setup a mission and import data in TerraPhoto

Setup a mission and import data in TerraPhoto Video: Basic training 6 58.5MB 06/2015 convert camera calibration values define a mission and import a ground model create an image list from exterior orientation files (alternative 1) from trajectories and image timing files (alternative 2) check image positioning in camera views create thumbnails define systematic color…


Basic Training 2 – TerraMatch Tie Lines

Flightline matching with tie lines in TerraMatch Video: Basic training 2 71.9MB 05/2015 classify laser data for the matching task check the flightline mismatch in the data search tie lines automatically, check tie lines find corrections based on tie lines apply corrections to tie lines, refine the tie line solution apply corrections to laser data