Download Image Layers from Reckon

In addition to viewing orthos and other image layers in Reckon, users also have the option to download the layer to a local drive.  The following steps describe the process for downloading an image layer from Reckon.

  • Step 1 – User requests an image.
    • In the Table of Contents, left click on desired image layer.
    • Left click on “Request Image”. In the background, the image files are combined into a single encrypted zip file.

  • Step 2 – The user is sent an email with a link to the download and the password for the zip file.
    • Left click on “download the image”. The image file will now appear in the computer downloads folder.

  • Step 3 – Unzip file
    • When attempting to unzip, or move files, a dialog will appear requiring a password which was given in the email. Enter the password and the files will be unlocked.

  • The download will be removed from the link after one week. To download again, simply repeat this procedure.

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