Attaching spherical images using terraphoto

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    How to attach the spherical images in terraphoto.
    I having EO and IO parameters. The images are not geo rectified. And i don’t have camera file to create mission.
    The purpose is to geo rectify the images and assigning colour to the LiDar point cloud.

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    TerraPhoto needs an exterior orientation file or image timing file for the panoramic images. So a single photo center for each of the 360 panoramas instead of the single frame images of each camera.

    TPhoto also need a calibration file for the Ladybug camera, at least the lever arms from the IMU to the camera if they are not yet applied to the EO file.

    You don’t need to orthorectify the images in order to colorize the point cloud as you can use the raw images once they are positioned correctly.

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