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    This is probably an introductory level question but during my training I was communicated to that every time I reload my project in Microstation and need to work on my surface though TerraScan that I needed to use the “Create Editable Model” command each time the project opens or closes. The problem is for larger projects this has created several models and then I have to keep tabs for when Display Shaded Surface or anything else. It is not that big of a deal but it was how I was trained. Is this true and please explain why?

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    When working with LIDAR data the main purpose of the editable model is to assist in the QC of your classification routines or creation of derivative products. Hence, it is best to have a model that represents the points (i.e. create a new editable surface at the beginning of each edit session). While you can save these edited models as surfaces and view or use them later, it is not recommended. By creating a new model each time, and never saving them, you will have no previously created models to track. Adjust the default TerraModeler settings so it no longer saves surfaces.

    Create Editable Model

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