LP360 Failed to Start as it Could Not Obtain a Valid Product License (22641)


Receive an error message when launching LP360 stating, “LP360 Failed to Start as it Could Not Obtain a Valid Product License (22641)”.

Probable Resolution:

This error message most often occurs if you have not yet authorized your machine to communicate with the license server or a license on a node-locked machine. Depending upon which machine you’re working on, use the AUT files that are provided on your software update page, http://www.lp360.com/chkstatus.asp, when you enter in the applicable CD Key. Please review the instructions in the LP360 Installation Guide for more information on installing and registering the product.

LP360 Installation Guide

Probable Resolution#2:

Ensure that the communications between the server and client are being allowed through any firewalls on both machines. See option #3 in the following post:

Cannot Connect the Client Machine to the License Server

Probable Resolution#3:

If the version of LP360 on the client machine is newer than the version on the License Server, verify that the maintenance date on the licenses in the LP360 License Administrator show as current. If not, download your latest AUT file from your Software Update page by entering your CDKey on the Check Status page or by running Check for Updates from within LP360.


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