MicroStation CONNECT Edition vs PowerDraft CONNECT Edition

The Terrasolid 64-bit applications can be run in Bentley PowerDraft CONNECT Edition (10.00.00,52 or later) from Bentley Systems. PowerDraft CE is a 64-bit a subset of MicroStation CE. It fulfills all requirements needed to process LiDAR data and images using the 64-bit Terrasolid software packages. Start PowerDraft in standard mode (High security mode is not supported).

PowerDraft is basically a subset of MicroStation. PowerDraft does not include (among others):

  • Advanced rendering (Luxology) – PowerDraft does have editable Display Styles
  • Animation
  • Batch Convert
  • Batch Processing
  • 3D Solid Modeling Tools
  • 3D Surface Modeling Tools
  • Mesh tools

For further information about the functionality between MicroStation CE and PowerDraft CE please read the following:

Notice! If you have or plan to run some other packages on top of PowerDraft CE, please check whether they are 64 bit versions and are they supported by Bentley PowerDraft CE. One cannot run 32-bit versions in Bentley’s CE versions, neither 64-bit versions in Bentley’s 32-bit V8i-versions.


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