Putting LIDAR data on a single layer

When data is originally added to LP360 the selected files will be grouped into layers, depending upon certain criteria so that only compatible LAS files will be on a single LAS layer.

When adding new data to the layout, if all the data meets the compatible rules, then checking the option to “Append to Compatible Layers” will add the new data to the existing LAS layer.

Append to Compatible Layers

If the data are not compatible, then it will be necessary to convert the data to the same compatibility group first. This can be accomplished by using the Export Wizard. On step one of the Export Wizard, select to export to LAS v1.4 and check the box to “Change Point Data Record Format”. Then select you desired Point Data Record Format (PDRF 6, 7, or 8).

Change PDRF

Currently LP360 allows only point data record format (PDRF) conversions to PDRF 6, 7  and 8 of LAS format 1.4. Thus, convert all groups of LAS data to one of these three PDRFs, then re-import all data.  The result will now be a single LAS layer in LP360.

Which PDRF should be used?

6 – no Red, Green, Blue (RGB) color attributes (standard LIDAR data)

7 – RGB color attributes (colorized terrestrial LIDAR data, UAS dense image matching data)

8 – RGB + NIR (unusual – used for 4 band cameras)

Note that if one set of data has RGB but the other does not, it is still fine to promote everything to PDRF 7.  The data without RGB values will have these fields set to 0,0,0.


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