Support for LAZ in TerraScan

Terrasolid now supports reading and writing of the compressed LAS file format LAZ in TerraScan, TerraMatch and TerraPhoto.

  • Reduces file size 50% – 80% compared to LAS, usually 60-70% in most cases
  • Excellent when you transfer data to someone else

Support in the various products begins with the following versions:

  • TerraScan and TerraScan Lite (v015.018)
  • TerraSlave (v015.018)
  • TerraPhoto and TerraPhoto Lite (v015.007)
  • TerraMatch (v015.013)

In order to intergrate the LAS format into TerraScan, in addition to installing version 015.018 you will also need to separately download laszip.dll and place it in c:\terra\ma folder (and c:\terra\tslave folder). LAZ support within TerraScan works starting with laszip.dll dated 31.07.2015.

The LGPL-licensed LASzip library is easiest integrated via the DLL (laszip.dll) that is in the LASzip sub directory of the LAStools distribution. Additional information about LASZip can be found at:

Update: As of the following versions, released on 18Sep2015, the LAZ support is built-in and there is no need to separately install or have LASzip.dll.

  • TerraScan and TerraScan Lite (v015.021)
  • TerraSlave (v015.021)
  • TerraPhoto and TerraPhoto Lite (v015.008)
  • TerraMatch (v015.015)

Update: As of the following versions, released on 23Sep2015, LAZ support has been added to the MicroStation CONNECT versions.

  • TerraScan and TerraScan Lite (v015.022)
  • TerraSlave (v015.022)
  • TerraMatch (v015.017)


Reading in the LAZ file format in TerraScan works in the same manner as reading in a LAS file format. When doing a read points it should now show the .LAZ format upon import of the data.

Importing LAZ Files into TerraScan


The LAZ files can be directly classified and then saved.



There is now an option when setting up a project to define the Storage type using the LAZ format.



The Output Points macro step also includes the ability to export to the LAZ format.

The new Convert Storage Format tool found on the Tools menu of the TerraScan Project dialog can be used to convert existing projects from LAS to LAZ, as well as conversion between other project formats. Please note that the conversion will create the new file in the desired format and delete the original file, as well as modify the existing project definition to reflect the new storage format.


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