TerraModeler: Automating Volumetric Reporting

When producing volume reports, TerraModeler, as with all Terrasolid software follows a convention of producing ASCII reports. These reports can then be easily integrated into formats desired to produce respectable deliverable reports. In the case of volume reporting, TerraModeler supports a nice and easy reporting method using an external application that replaces multiple values in a document. This find and replace tool eliminates the need to transcribe or copy and paste measurement values into final reports, which can not only save time, but can also eliminate transcription errors.

Volume computations are accomplished using TerraModeler’s Compute Quantity tool.  One of the output products is a comma separated “variable” text file  that contains the measurements and metadata of the quantities computed for all piles.  Typically, this text file report contains: Cubic cut, Fill, Surface cut area, Surface cut volume, and calculated area.  It may also include metadata, i.e. project, date, altitude, and sensor information.

To automate deliverable report generation, it is necessary to first create a template report in a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice document (Figure 2).  This template should include the desired variables that were produced in the output text file above. In the example below, you can see the following variables: #DATE, #PROJECT, #P1-3_CUT, #P-13_FILL, #TOTAL_CUT, #TOTAL_FILL, #ALTITUDE, #SCANNER, #PROCESSOR, and #INFO. The template may be formatted, branded, and contain as much other information as desired.

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