A Quick Intro to Customizing MicroStation CONNECT

The biggest change when moving from one of the previous versions of MicroStation to CONNECT is that CONNECT is 64-bit program, allowing the advantage of access to more memory. Access to more memory enables Terrasolid to enhance their applications, and makes CONNECT much better suited for LIDAR and photogrammetric point cloud processing. The ribbon interface is probably the most noticeable change, however, the first thing that everyone always wants to do is to revert to the classic interface. This would be a big mistake as the usability labs have shown the ribbon to be the best interface. Hence, it is highly encouraged that all users investigate and get used to the ribbon in order to see the advantages.

Personal portal is also part of the CONNECT edition. It includes access to downloads, and licensing if you’re an admin. Besides your personal portal is a business portal where files may be shared.

MicroStation CONNECT customization is very similar to MicroStation v8i, however, as noted above, it has the really powerful and highly customizable ribbon interface, and new Popups.

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A Terrasolid Design library is provided as a good starting place by getting the Terrasolid tools into the ribbon.


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