Assign SRS to LAS files

To assign or modify the Spatial Reference System (SRS) in a LAS file, use the LP360 LAS File Analyst tool:

  1. Add the LAS files into LP360 as open for Read/Write.
  2. Select “LAS File Analyst” by right-clicking the LAS layer, or clicking the wrench and hammer icon associated with the main LP360 toolbar.
  3. A dialogue box will appear in which you choose the LAS files for repair.
  4. Open LAS File Analyst Options and select Repair tab. In the Update SRS section, check box for “Add WKT”.
  5. Use ellipses to select desired SRS to be added to LAS files.
  6. Select “Repair” button to add SRS to LAS files.
Fig.1: LAS File Analyst repair window. Note that repairs to LIDAR source files are permanent.

Note: Clicking Yes applies the changes to the LAS files and cannot be undone.

This utility will assign an SRS, but will not reproject the data. To reproject, use the Reproject/Shift LAS PCT in LP360.


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