Brush Classification Tool Cursor not Displaying


When using the TerraScan brush classification tool, the brush cursor is not displaying the outline.

Probable Resolution #1:

The common reason the brush cursor is not displaying is due to Accudraw being enabled. Accudraw can interfere with the normal operation of many Terrasolid tools. Toggle Accudraw off, by typing “Toggle Accudraw” in the search box in the top-right and clicking on the option:

Toggling Accudraw – ON/OFF

Probable Resolution #2:

If the user has isometric view enabled, the cursor will not display properly. Use another view to display points.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-21.png
Isometric view enabled

Probable Resolution #3:

Toggling ON wireframe and dynamic display. Make sure that you are displaying in these modes.

Probable Resolution #4:

Check the design file. Try using a new design file and see if the display issue can be replicated. If not, the previous design file could be corrupted or settings in the previous file are causing the display issue. There are seed files provided with the Terrasolid installation in the c:\terra64\seed folder.


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