How to check out Bentley licenses?

If you have Bentley’s Select Subscription you can check out a license to your PC for a given period of time. The maximum date is the expiration date of your subscription. After the checkout there is no need to be connected to Bentley’s license server. Otherwise, the your Bentley software package must be loaded and connected via the Internet to Bentley’s server at least once a week.

  1. In the Bentley application, select File -> Tools -> License Management
  2. Opens the License Management Tool.
  3. Select the License Checkout tab.
  4. Select the application (MicroStation or MicroStation PowerDraft).
  5. Enter the desired CheckOut Expiration Date for license.
  6. Press CheckOut.
  7. Enter your email address and press OK
  8. Checkout Results windows opens and informs the success.
  9. License Management Tool shows the products you have checked out and their expiration day.
  10. By pressing CheckIn you can return the license to the Bentley’s License server.

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