Civil3D Import DEM Issues


Civil3D has known import DEM issues. The user may notice a systematic shift related to units or grid positioning mismatch when comparing the imported DEM to other data in Civil3D, such as the breaklines that were also generated in LP360/True View EVO as part of the . Note: Depending on the scenario, the user may have to use both of the supplied resolutions to resolve the Civil3D import DEM issues.

Probable Resolution #1:

Ensure that you are setting Civil3D to define the DEM (raster) to the proper units. The following link reviews this process:

Probable Resolution #2:

Apply a shift to compensate for difference in how LP360 and Civil3D define the beginning of a raster grid square. The user essentially needs to move the DEM definition from the northwest corner of the grid square to the midpoint between that point and the southeast corner of the grid square. Please review the following link for more information about this workflow:


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