Extract Color for Colorizing LIDAR Points in TerraScan

This short how-to tutorial will use TerraScan, in combination with TerraPhoto, to extract RGB values from imagery in order to assign a color value to each LIDAR point. This enables the information to then be used in classification routines and visualization.

To use orthomosaic images to assign RGB values to laser data:

  1. Load orthomosaic tiles as reference rasters in TerraPhoto.
  2. Create a camera view to verify alignment of laser data and images.
  3. Wish to assign color values from images for each laser point.
    1. Verify settings using a small number of loaded points.
    2. TScan -> Tools -> Extract color from images
  4. Verify results and if good run for project
  5. For a project:
    1. Ensure that the file storage format is Fast Binary, or LAS v1.2 or later as those are the only formats that can save point color. If working in a project, enable the color attribute before opening the block to test on loaded points or extracting color for the project. TScan -> Project -> File -> Project Information -> Attributes
    2. TScan -> Project -> Extract color from images
  6. Review results in project.

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