Combine Rotation Angles in TerraMatch

When using TerraMatch to Find Tie Line Match for whole dataset or line groups for heading, roll and/or pitch shifts TerraMatch determines correction angles. Users often wish to combine these with the original angles used in the LIDAR sensor manufacturer’s software so as to incorporate those corrections when generating additional data from the same sensor. There is a key-in command for a hidden function in TerraMatch called, “combine rotation angles”. The same name as the key-in. This function uses matrix math for the combination of the correction values with the original HRP values to better determine the appropriate updated values to enter into the LIDAR sensor manufacturer’s software. For more information, please refer to the TerraMatch User Guide.

Example use of Combine Rotation Angles that shows one plus one does not equal two with matrix math.
TerraMatch: Combine Rotation Angles

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