Comparison of: Travel View, Travel Path, and Flythru Movie

Customers often have questions about which Terrasolid tools make sense for a given workflow. Travel View, Travel Path, and Flythru Movie tools are all useful for specific purposes and we review some of the use case scenarios for each below.

Travel View

Travel View tool lets you setup perspective views by defining a viewer position, viewer height above a reference surface, and vertical viewing angle. Further, the tool provides user controls for navigating in the perspective view.

This tool is best for taking screenshots or using TerraPhoto for rendering of specific frames for later review. Good for QAQC or final product view of classification and line work from different perspectives. Nice for setting up views of specific objects for project setup. Akin to taking a google street view vs overhead perspective.

Travel Path

Travel Path tool lets you view an animation along an alignment element. The tool provides an excellent way for traversing along the survey path and checking the data visually.

This is for standard views at stationing: top view, second top viewing, cross section 3D, longitudinal section 3D, isometric view 3D, and camera view. Good for seeing different profile views/cross sections along a corridor or path.

Note: TerraScan v020.x does not currently allow the user to save the animation. The user must user v019.025 or earlier to access the save function.

Flythru Movie

Flythru Movie: TerraPhoto provides a tool for capturing frames which can then be combined into a movie. The frames are rendered views along a camera path that determines the path, viewing direction, and other settings of the camera. All above described elements in rendered views can be part of the frames.

User has complete control over camera orientation along a path. Great for presentations of projects, so that aesthetically pleasing videos of landscapes can be presented. Gives a video representation product of a project area from a camera point of view.

Also, take a look at these tutorials for examples of creating Flythru movies: Creating an MLS Fly-Through Animation and Display 3D City Models.


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