Configuring Terrasolid to Run on Two MicroStation Installations

There may be times when a computer has two MicroStation products installed, for instance MicroStation v8i and MicroStation Connect, and wishes to have the Terrasolid suite installed for both. Typically, when installed the Terrasolid software defaults to installing the settings and associated files in “c:\terra”. This works just fine if you’re only looking to have the software installed on one MicroStation version. In order to have Terrasolid working in both MicroStation versions, the second Terrasolid installation needs to be set to a different install path. For instance, one may have the Terrasolid v8i installation files go to “c:\terra”, while the Terrasolid 64-bit Connect edition installation files go to “c:\terra_ce”. This will allow both Terrasolid v8i and Terrasolid CE (64-bit) to be installed on the same machine. The last step is to copy any license files checked out using the Terra License Manager in the “c:\terra\license” folder from that folder and place them under “c:\terra_ce\license” (or whatever you decided to name the installation folder). This way both programs will have access to the licenses. One may also desire to copy select package settings files from one installation to another in order to access the same formats, coordinate systems, etc.


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