Contour label options

Contour label options define the position of contour labels in relation to the contour lines, as well as their symbology settings, and their text format.

To define contour label options:

  1. Select “Automatic labels” in the Display contours dialog.
  2. Select Contour labels command from the Options pulldown menu in the Display contours dialog. The Contour label options dialog opens.
  3. Define settings and click OK.
Contour label option: Effect:
Label Defines the contour line type(s) for labeling: All contours, Major and basic contours, or Major contours only.
Position Location where label text elements are placed along a contour line:

•     Above contour – above the contour line at specified intervals.

•     On contour – overlapping the contour line at specified intervals.

•     Below contour – below the contour line at specified intervals.

•     At contour start – at the start point of a contour chain.

Rotation Rotation of the label text element:

•     Uphill – label is readable when looking uphill.

•     Downhill – label is readable when looking downhill.

•     North up – label is readable when looking in north direction.

Every Distance between consecutive contour labels. Given in meters along the contour.


Contour label option: Effect:
Cut underlying contour If on, the contour line is cut under the label text element. The line under a label text is drawn as a MicroStation construction class element. You can use view attributes to control the visibility of the lines under label texts. Further, you can use filtered selection in order to select and delete the lines under label texts.
Use Defines level and color settings for contour labels:

•     Contour level and color – a label is drawn using level and color of its contour line type (major, basic, or minor).

•     Own settings – all labels are drawn using the same level and color assigned to labels.

Level Level and color of contour labels. This is only active if Use is set to Own settings.
Style Line style of contour labels.
Weight Line weight of contour labels.
Prefix Prefix added at the beginning of each contour label.
Suffix Suffix added at the end of each contour label.
Accuracy Number of decimals shown in contour labels.
Display plus If on, the plus sign is displayed for positive elevations.
Display minus If on, the minus sign is displayed for negative elevations.



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