Coordinate System Utility

The new Coordinate System Utility in LP360 2015 allows you to define horizontal and vertical coordinate systems and output PRJ files. The Coordinate System Utility dialog allows you to set the coordinate system of a project or output file and shows descriptions of selected coordinate systems. You are able to select from predefined horizontal coordinate systems or select your own from a file. You are also able to select from a number of predefined vertical datums. This allows you to insert the correct WKT or EPSG in the LAS header. From this dialog, PRJ files may be created containing coordinate system and projection information for use in other workflows. This utility can be accessed through the LP360 Export Wizard within ArcMap. It can additionally be accessed through the ‘File’ drop-down menu in LP360 for Windows®.

How to use the Coordinate System Utility

  1. In LP360 for Windows, click the File menu and then Coordinate System Utility. The Coordinate System Utility dialog box will open.
  2. Set a Horizontal Coordinate System.
    1. To use a predefined coordinate system, click the button for ‘Select From Predefined Coordinate Systems’ and then navigate inside of the Horizontal Coordinate Systems box to the desired coordinate system.
    2. To use a coordinate system from a file, click the button for ‘Select From File’ and then click the ellipsis button (…) to navigate to the file.
  3. If desired, set a Vertical Datum using one of the datums in the ‘Predefined Vertical Datums’ box.
  4. Once you have set your coordinate systems, you can use the ‘Save PRJ’ button at the bottom of the dialog to create a PRJ file to contain your coordinate system and projection information.
  5. Hit ‘Close’ when you are finished setting your coordinate systems.

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