Create Editable Model

The Create Editable Model tool in TerraScan creates a surface model from loaded points, and uses TerraModeler to visualize it. The purpose of this tool is to assist in the quality checking and editing the classification of points that it represents (i.e. ground points). This shaded surface allows the easy visualization of the surface and the human eye can identify trouble spots in the classification.  Using the manual classification tools, points in these trouble spots can be corrected.  These corrections are instantly reflected in the editable surface, so you can have real-time visualization of the edits you are making and their impact.

Once your edits are complete, or you are finished for the time being, you can save your edits of the surface, at which point it is no longer editable, and it becomes like any other surface created using the Create Surface tool set. However, it is recommended to not save these surfaces, as it is better to generate them form the source laser data. If your quality check requires more editing, another editable model needs to be created to enjoy the advantages of the QC process using a shaded surface. This ensures that the editable model represents the current state of your points’ classifications.


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