Deduce by time in TerraScan returns 0


When running the Line -> Deduce by Time or Deduce by Time macro action it always returns zero when there appears to be trajectories that align with the laser data.

Probable Solution #1:

  1. Identify a point in the main TerraScan window. Look at the timestamp for that point. You may have to turn on the timestamp field (TScan -> View -> Fields) if it is not listed.
  2. In the Manage Trajectory dialog look to see if that timestamp falls within the start/end times of any of the listed trajectories. Again, you may need to turn on the start/end time fields (TScan -> View -> Fields) if they’re not listed.

Probable Solution #2:

Does the magnitude of the timestamp of the point align with those of the trajectories? In other words, are both the points and the trajectories in the same time format, i.e. GPS weekseconds or Adjusted Standard Time?


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