Define Classes

Define Classes tool opens a dialog for managing point classes and related drawing rules.

A point class definition includes descriptive information for the class, such as a unique number, code, and description, and rules for displaying the point on the screen or drawing it into the design file. TerraScan provides a default class definition file TSCAN.PTC which is stored in the TerraScan installation folder. You can Add, Edit, and Delete point classes by using the corresponding buttons in the Point classes dialog.

You can create a New empty class definition file, Open an existing file, Save changes to an existing file, and Save class definitions as a new file by using the corresponding commands from the File pulldown menu of the Point classes dialog. The class definitions are saved into files with the default extension .PTC. Usually, there are different class definition files for different project types. If TerraScan is loaded, the last-used class definition file is still active.

To add a new class to the active class list:

  1. Select the Define Classes tool. The Point classes dialog opens, the dialog contains a list of all point classes in the active class list.
  2. Click the Add button. The Point class dialog box opens.
  3. Define settings and click OK. The class is added to the active class list.
  4. Select Save or Save as from the File pull-down menu in order to save the class definitions into a file.
Add a new Point Class (define a unique code).
Add a new Point Class (define a unique code).

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Download an example TerraScan Point Class Table (PTC) for LAS v1.4 PDRF 6-10


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