Display 3D City Models

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Display 3D City Models

Video: Display 3D City Models

All parts zipped

Part 1
3.5 MB

  • attach raster references in TerraPhoto
  • import surface model in TerraModeler
  • load laser points, classify vegetation

Part 2
10.7 MB

  • tree shape definition and tree detection in TerraScan
  • automatic RPC tree placement
  • render view in TerraPhoto with ground model, trees and buildings

Part 3
3.8 MB

  • place RPC trees manually in TerraPhoto

Part 4
2.3 MB

  • define a camera path to create a fly-through in TerraPhoto
  • using the elevation model to set the height of the camera path

Part 5
11.9 MB

  • settings for fly-through movie creation
  • create and modify target vectors
  • save frames for movie production

Part 6
7.6 MB

  • create camera views in MicroStation
  • using the elevation model to set the height of the camera
  • save rendered views with TerraPhoto
  • create a movie from previously saved frames (Build / View Movie from Frames better done now with a third party application, such as Windows Video Editor)

Part 7
2.6 MB

  • add text to frame, duplicate title frame for longer display in movie

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