Draw Plane Section Tool

A new tool has been introduced to TerraScan’s View Laser tool box called “Draw plane section” (Figure 1). This tool can prove very useful when vectorizing planar features from a dataset.  Using the previous viewing options (Draw section, etc.), it can be difficult and tedious to manually draw in a required line work at the correct position. This new tool restricts the drawing of the line work to the plane equation of the points used to create the Plane Section view.  This feat is accomplished by the sampling of points on a surface and deriving a plane equation. TerraScan then determines which points fit to that plane and draws the section view of that plane.

The Tool, how it works

To use this tool, start it from the View Laser tool box, MicroStation Ribbon, or key-in command, “Draw Plane Section”. There are several settings in the tool dialog that opens (Figure 2). Set which classes from which to determine the plane equation (i.e. walls, signs, etc.). Users take samples of a surface to determine the plane equation for that object. The degree of fit that determines if a point is part of the planar surface is determined by the Tolerance and Depth settings. The software has the capability to force the calculated plane to be perfectly vertical or horizontal, if the plane equation is within two degrees from vertical or horizontal.  It can also filter points based on their dimensions as determined through Normal Vectors.  Using this tool in conjunction with TerraPhoto, imagery can be displayed in the plane section view to assist in digitization or feature review.

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