Embankment Contour Generation


Contours don’t seem to represent the side of an embankment very well.

In this situation, the horizontal position error is greater than the vertical error resulting in a surface that does not truly represent the embankment. If contours were to be generated then this would result in “spikey” or “jagged” lines that do not faithfully represent the smooth/consistent surface of the embankment.


Those spikes can be smoothed out by doing the following:

  1. Use two breaklines. One is the water edge and the other is a line representing the top of the embankment. Both breaklines need to have points generated along them at roughly the NPS of the data.
  2. Remove your contour key points (OR whatever class you are using to generate a surface for contour generation) from the region in between the two breaklines.

When the surface is generated, then it will slope directly up from the waterline to the top of the embankment.  This will result in no spikes in the contours.


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