Extracting Header Attributes

Extracting Header Attributes

About Extracting Header Attributes

When using the Point Cloud Statistics Extractor one may use the Extract By Files option. One can then select a number of header attributes to save in the extracted summaries. The following is the current list of exportable header attributes and their corresponding field names:

  • File name: FName
  • Spatial Reference Name: SRS
  • File Signature: FileSig
  • File Source ID: FileSrcID
  • Global Encoding: GlobalEnc
  • Project GUID: ProjGUID
  • Version: Version
  • System Identifier: SystemID
  • Generating Software: GenSoft
  • File Create Day: CrDay
  • File Create Year: CrYear
  • Header Size: HdrSize
  • Offset to Point Data: PointOff
  • Number of VLR Records: NumVLRS
  • Point Format ID: PntFormID
  • Point Record Length: PntRecLgth
  • Number of Point Records: PntCnt
  • Number of Points Per Return: RNCnt_# (1-15)
  • Scale Factor: XScale, YScale, ZScale
  • Offset: XOffset, YOffset, ZOffset
  • Extent: XMin, YMin, ZMin, XMax, YMax, ZMax

Please consult the LAS file format specifications for any further explanation of header attributes.

How to Extract Header Attributes

Header Attributes Checkboxes

  1. On the Point Cloud Statistics Extractor property page, make sure the Extract By Files checkbox is checked.
  2. On the Header Attributes tab, click each header attribute you wish to include in the extracted summary.
  3. Click the ‘Apply’ button to commit the changes.

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