FAQ: Terra License Server and Pool Licenses

Terra License Server and Pool Licenses FAQs are some of the frequently asked questions about Terrasolid network licensing. See also, Frequently Asked Questions about Terrasolid Installation and Licenses, or Frequently asked questions about workflows, tools, and product usage.

1. How do I implement the pool licenses?

i) Install Terra License Server, on your License Server machine, and Terra License Manager, on the client machines where you intend to run Terrasolid products, as shown in the Terrasolid Product Installation & Setup Guide.
ii) Copy your pool licenses, which Terrasolid will send directly, to /terra64/pool020 folder. Restart the Terra License Server and Service to update its license information.

2. It works when I’m logged in, and other users can see the License Server but cannot load licenses?

It’s not enough if a client sees the /terra/pool020 folder, but it must also have authentication rights (be a valid user) on the server.

3. Can we download the licenses through the Internet to PCs which are located outside our local area network (LAN)?

You can download the licenses only if you can see the pool folder of your server in your PC File Manager (‘Computers Near Me’). To download them through Internet, please use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for communication between different networks.

4. If you close the Terra License Server dialog, does this shutdown the server?

Yes, it runs as an application not as a background service. You must install the Terra License Server service to enable the application to run as a background service.

5. We have installed the licenses as Terra License Server.exe to our mainframe server. Why does the Terra License Server stop when the operator logs out from mainframe?

The Terra License Server is not a Service but an Application. Typically applications will close, when an operator logs out. One can avoid the problem by installing the Terra License Server service to enable the application to run as a background service.

6. Do network licenses suit a small company?

Yes. We have tried to keep the system as easy to install, maintain and use for small as well as big companies. It suits well even for a one-man-company, because the user can easily move the licenses between a workstation and a laptop. Any PC can be used as a Server.

7. Can we use version 019.xxx and version 020.xxx applications at the same time?

You can run two instances of license_server.exe at the same. You simply need to have two separate folders such as c:\terrapool019 and c:\terrapool020. Each folder should have its own copy of license_server.exe and its own collection of licenses. Users can request version 019 licenses of TerraScan and version 020 licenses of Terrasolid products from the Terra License Manager. This concurrent use can only last for a few months. Version 019 pool licenses are only valid until 28Feb2020. Version 020 pool licenses will be valid until 31Mar2021. And so on.
One exception this year is that v019 products may be run using a v020 license.

8. Is there supposed to be a Terra Server icon in the system tray? I have a hard time seeing if the server is running or not.

The Terra License server currently appears as a full-blown application. You have a taskbar button (same size as MicroStation).

9. Does the user always have to use License Manager to request a license or will it automatically request one if needed (e.g. if it gets sent a TerraSlave task but doesn’t have a TerraSlave license)?

TerraSlave can be configured to automatically request a license and check it back into the server when finished. Note: This is currently not functioning.
Silent license check in/out can also be performed.

10. Is there a maximum lease time for licenses beyond what the user sets? i.e. can I set leases to expire in 365, 3,650, or 36,500 days if I want to (not that that is advisable, just curious)?

Terrasolid generates server licenses for 020, which last only until 31Mar2021. If you request 10754 day license from the server, it will give you a license which is valid until the expiration date of the longest lasting free license (normally 31Mar2021). The logic behind this is the requirement for users to have a maintenance agreement. If they do not take maintenance next year, they will get workstation licenses instead when their server licenses expire.

11. How I can return the licenses to the Server if my PC breaks?

Unfortunately, you must wait until the license period is expired. Therefore we recommend users to load licenses for a reasonably short period e.g. for 1 to 7 days to avoid return problems. The maximum time set on the License Server overrides user input in the License Manager.

12. I noticed there are license slots for TerraSlave Match and TerraSlave Photo; are these being released or is this for future support?

TerraSlave Match and TerraSlave Photo were in the queue for implementation, but subsequently phased out with the release of the 64-bit TerraSlave product.

13. I noticed installing from the V8 Installation CD there is no separate option to install TerraSlave; is TerraSlave still automatically installed as part of the TerraScan installation? If so, does TerraScan still include a local workstation license for TerraSlave (i.e. can use TerraSlave to run macros on the same machine without a separate TerraSlave license)?

The TerraScan installation includes TerraSlave. TerraSlave can run TerraScan macros using any of the following:
i) TerraSlave Scan license (32-bit)
ii) TerraSlave license (64-bit)
iii) TerraScan license fixed to the computer
Both apply to server licenses as well.

14. Perhaps most importantly, how do we install ‘Temp’ license under the new system for users after they install the software but before they get their permanent licenses? Or is the ‘Temp’ license concept no longer going to be required?

The same type of temporary licenses are still used. Evaluation customers can be given temporary licenses, which work until a given date on any computer. We can also generate temporary licenses fixed to a computer name. Temp licenses are placed in the /terra/License dir on the applicable machine.


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2 thoughts on “FAQ: Terra License Server and Pool Licenses

  1. tbarnes says:

    Why is it unfortunate that Terra users can’t force return licenses if they have a broken machines? Fortune has really nothing to do with it. Why can’t the company force return licenses for broken PCs? I have a broken PC and it is very inconvenient for my company to have to wait for the license to expire.

    1. Terrasolid was forced by some unscrupulous characters in the somewhat recent past to clamp down on their licensing system. Terra licenses are checked out from the server and no subsequent connection to the server is required from that point forth through the expiration of a license. Hence, there is no way for The Terra License Server to know that a license is no longer in use because a machine died, or the machine is just no longer connected to the server. Such as someone travelling with a laptop. Hence, the recommendation to limit license checkout to a very short amount of time to keep better control over the available licenses since it can take several days to get a replacement license generated in Finland and back to the user. However, should your license have been lost due to a machine failure and the checkout time is too long a period to wait, please contact our support desk and we will do our best to assist.

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