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    after classifying my point cloud, I want to detect the electiruques posts, after reading the tutorial on the site ( , I have difficulties to apply the tutorial because it is not too detailed,

    I did as follows: I found an area where my post appears well, then I made a vertical section, then I drew a line on the post, and I added a model that I found in my mircrostation cell library by centering my object on the post point cloud,
    then I did compute distance,
    I have not yet assigned group because I do not know what is the point

    what should I do when (Object Library folder, typically “C: / Terra64 / Object_Library”) is empty

    could you detail me the steps please?

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    Terrasolid has a training animation (Topics -> Delivery Products from Point Clouds and Images -> Roads, Railroads) that takes you through “Find poles – Object detection from point clouds”.

    • laser data classification and grouping
    • definition of sample objects
    • creation of cell elements
    • detect poles with the Find Poles tool

    If you need further assistance, unfortunately, you are outside of our support area for Terrasolid, so you would need to contact them directly by opening a support ticket with them.

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    I found the videos really useful thank you very much

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