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    I get this a lot when I try to dispatch to this machine:Health check results pending... Last Error: Timeout waiting for machine to respond to health check requestHow can I resolve this?

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    Here is a list of things you can check for when you receive a Health Check Pending Error. 1. Is the client machine turned on and connected to the local network?The GeoCue Server sends a test connection to the client machine to determine if the two machines can talk to one another. If the client machine has been turned off or is not on the local network, then GeoCue Server will not be able to talk with the client machine, and it will return a connection error in the format of Health Check Results Pending. 2. Is the GeoCue Dispatch Service running on the client machine?The GeoCue Dispatch Service is what is used to run GCRemote.EXE (the executable that does the GeoCue Dispatch communication) on the local client machine. If the service was not started before the GeoCue Client is opened, then the client will launch a local copy GCRemote.exe running with the current user’s credentials.

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