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    I think it would be a terrific addition to the Terrasolid family if there was read/write support for Martin Isenburg's extremely efficient LAZ file format.

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    While the LAZ format is a good compression format it would not make for a good processing format.

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    In all fairness, that was a Terrascan question.

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    I was remiss in not posting an update here following some further discussions with Terrasolid in late Feb.

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    Darrick Wagg
    Darrick Wagg

    Whenever I've had discussions about compressing data it always brings up the question, “Why would anyone want to go through the effort and processing time to compress data when the depreciation in cost of disk space per MB and the capacity of tapes over the years have exceeded the increase in data volume?”

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    The Terrasolid suite of products now support the LAZ file format.

    • TerraScan and TerraScan Lite (v015.018)
    • TerraSlave (v015.018)
    • TerraPhoto and TerraPhoto Lite (v015.007)
    • TerraMatch (v015.013)

    Read more about configuring Terrasolid products to use the LAZ format on the knowledgebase.

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