Which Z/I PPS versions run with which GeoCue versions?

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    The ZIPPS image processing software for the DMC series of cameras is implemented in GeoCue via the DMC PPS CuePac (available from GeoCue and Hexagon).

    The GeoCue version refers to the versions with which that specific version of PPS will work.

    Z/I PPS Version Requires GeoCue Version
    ZIPPS v7.0 GeoCue 2014 SP2 through 5*
    ZIPPS v6.8 GeoCue 2014 SP2
    ZIPPS v6.7 SP3 GeoCue 2014
    ZIPPS v6.7 SP2 GeoCue 2014

    GeoCue 2013 SP2 or later SP

    ZIPPS v6.7 SP1 GeoCue 2013 SP1 or later SP
    ZIPPS v6.7 GeoCue 2013 SP1
    ZIPPS v6.6 GeoCue 2013 SP1

    GeoCue 2012 SP8

    ZIPPS v6.5 GeoCue 2012 SP8


    *GeoCue DMC PPS CuePac will support running the PPS 7.0 version in single frame mode, it does not currently support PPS 7.0 running in multi-frame mode.

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