Export Lattice Model – GeoTIFF Float Z-unit setting


When performing the Export Lattice Model function in TerraScan, GeoTIFF Float is a common format used for export. This option does not include the Z-unit setting, which specifies the unit of grid point values. This is relevant for formats storing elevations as integers. The lack of this setting could potentially cause the user to export elevations at the wrong magnitude (decimal place). This pertains to both MicroStation and Spatix compatible versions of TerraScan.

Probable Resolution #1:

If the user chooses a different export format and matches the Z-unit to the resolution value of the project (example: mm matches to 1000 and cm matches to 100), then switches back to the GeoTIFF Float option, the option chosen in the different lattice export format will match the original value of the input LAS data elevation. This applies to projects in feet as well, though the metric unit is still the z-unit option setting available. Also, project units of resolution (uor) is an available option.

Choosing different File format to alter Z-unit value

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