How to Thin the Dataset

A common issue that is encountered when trying to take a bare earth surface generated from LIDAR or photogrammetric point cloud datasets into other programs is that those other programs cannot handle the volume of data. LP360 currently provides four options for thinning the bare earth dataset to allow you to take it into those other software packages.

LDThin: is a command line program that you can run against LAS files to remove every nth point from the file

MKP: The Model Key Point routine can be used to thin a point set while maintaining a user specified level of vertical accuracy. The algorithm is based on the fact that only 3 points are needed to define a planar surface whereas a higher density of points is necessary to define an undulating surface.

Export LAS: The export wizard can be used to export the bare earth surface into a lattice model or raster file format at a desired grid spacing.

 Classify By Statistics: Classify by statistics is primarily useful for general data thinning – especially useful for very dense data such as that derived from imagery (dense image matching, DIM, data).


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