Intensity – Point Insertion vs Triangulation

When generating intensity rasters using the LP360 Export Wizard or LDExport one has the option of generating the raster using Point Insertion or Triangulation surface methods. Click here to see the raster bit depth available for these raster export formats.

Surface Method Type: Triangulation Point Insertion
Description Generates a Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) and probes the center of each cell for an interpolated value from the triangulated surface. Finds the point closest to the center of the cell and uses that intensity value for the cell. 
Export Formats

ASCII Raster, Binary Raster, ASCII XYZ, GeoTIFF, IMG

Binary Raster
  • Possible to create a raster with a cell edge length up to 1/4  the resolution of the NPS.
  • Can make for higher quality images.
  • No interior NoData pixels
  • More format options
  • Faster to generate
  • Slower to generate
  • Raster can look grainy if point density is not high enough.
  • Cell Edge length needs to be >= NPS to avoid interior NoData pixels.
  • No format options



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