Loading may have caused loss of precision

A common warning message that users may see in the TerraScan Error Messages dialog when opening a LAS file is, “Loading may have caused loss of precision. Input file has resolution 1000. ‘Define Coordinate Setup’ is set to 100.”

This warning message occurs when the LAS file has been produced with a resolution of 1000, yet TerraScan is configured with the default resolution of only 100. This leads to a loss of data since the third decimal is dropped once the data is loaded into TerraScan. However, if the data is typical airborne LIDAR data, then the third decimal place value is really just noise, as it is well within the typical 3-4cm accuracy of some of the tightest data. This is not the case with mobile or terrestrial scanner data where that millimeter resolution is required so as not to lose any data precision.

For more information see Coordinates, Coordinate Systems and LIDAR data (Part 1).

If you are using GeoCue to produce the LAS file please refer to Setting precision in LAS files output by GeoCue for more information.


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