Measure Verticality of a Feature using TerraScan

Often times users are looking for ways to evaluate the verticality, or the angular position of a feature vs the direction perpendicular to the plane of the horizon. In other words, how upright or plumb a feature sits. For instance, poles, support pillars, or walls.

    1. Load the laser points into TerraScan
    2. Use Draw Vertical Section to create a vertical section of the desired feature.
    3. Use Place SmartLine to draw a vertical line near the feature.
    4. Use Place SmartLine to draw a line representing the lean of the feature.
    5. Use Measure Angle Between Lines to measure between the vertical line and the line representing your feature to see the angle. For example, a wall.

Measure Verticality

  1. Similarly, one could draw a horizontal line and measure between it and the representative feature line to measure the angle of the feature to the horizontal.

Measure to Horizontal


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