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In newer versions of MicroStation Bentley removed the requirement that levels need to be assigned a number, hence one may see a level have only a name. Some of the newer TerraScan functions support this by providing a dropdown list of the available levels in the design file. However, many older tools have yet to be updated to support this change so the setting refers strictly to the number for a level that you wish to use. This can make it difficult to determine what number the level is or if there is a number assigned to that specific level. The MicroStation Level Manager can be used to assist with this problem. By default the “Number” field in the MicroStation Level Manager is turned off. To turn the field on to see what numbers are assigned to each level right-click on the fields and check the box for “Number”.

Turn on Number Field

Turn on Number Field

Number Field

Number Field Displayed

Turning on the “Number” field allows the user to see what levels have numbers assigned to them. If the level does not have a number, right-click on the level, select properties and assign a number that is not already currently in use. One may also click in the number field in the level manager and directly enter the desired number. It is recommended as best practice to include the level number in the name for a level to help users quickly reference the desired number when needed. For example, “Upper_plane 1”.

Assign number to level

Assign number to level

Note: If MicroStation refuses to accept a number when you attempt to assign it to a level that number is already in use by another level. Click on the Number column in the level manager in order to sort the levels by the level number.


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