Multiple Source Classes in Ground Classification

In TerraScan, v014.024, there was a modification to the Classify Ground routine to add multiple source classes and provide a separate Current ground class in the ground classification routine. You can see the updated version of the dialog on the last slide in the What’s New in Terrasolid – Feb 2015 presentation. This modification was the result of a user request to give more flexibility when building workflows. For instance, one might use this option when you run ground classification first with a small iteration angle to get a general, or low fidelity, ground, but not get the hills. Then run a second Classify Ground routine step in the macro to obtain a different class using a bigger iteration angle (high fidelity). This gives more flexibility to how you do the manual editing, or macro steps, as you then have two different classes; one is ground that you trust and the second is one that includes the hills, but could also include vegetation. Hence, you don’t modify the first ground class results, but only the second one.

If you wish to run the macro as you previously have then you would want to set the To class and Current ground classes to the same “2-Ground”. Note that since this macro has a new parameter then all older versions of the macro will need to be updated and saved using TerraScan before they will work with TerraScan v014.024, or newer.


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