New lines in .prj file

TerraScan project files (.prj) store information pertaining to the data, organization, and use of point cloud data to allow for the efficient management of projects. This can include information such as: types of scanner, point format, time-stamp format, block size. Beginning with TerraScan for CE v017, some new types of information can be stored in the .prj file.

The lines StoreEchoLen and StoreParam are new lines in the project file that indicate whether the project fast binary formatted files can store the pulse width (uses the StoreEchoLen) and amplitude (uses StoreParam) information from Riegl sensors.

The following new lines in a TerraScan project have to do with the updated point grouping tools which assign group numbers to points and allocates the group numbers and numbers of groups available in each block. It is important that there are enough unique groups available for the expected number of objects in the block.




TerraScan for v8/v8i v17.002 and later can read these CE created projects, however, the information is not read into the 32-bit packages so do not save the project file or you will lose the settings. Similarly, data files read into the 32-bit packages do not read those new parameters so will lose the information if saved.


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