Path Not Digitally Signed


When attempting to start any of the Terrasolid MDL applications during a MicroStation session results in a Message Center warning stating, “TScan is not signed”, and the message details state the “[module] could not be loaded because [path to ma] is not digitally signed”.

Message Center Warning

Probable Resolution #1:

This error message happens when the user is attempting to load TerraScan, or any of the Terrasolid modules, into the High Security version of MicroStation. Open the normal version of MicroStation, the one without the lock symbol on the icon, to resolve the issue.

MSCE vs MSCE High Security

Probable Resolution #2:

This can occur because your security settings for MicroStation are set to high or medium.  It needs to be set to low to enable it to accept the Terrasolid Utilities.

This can be accomplished by changing the MS_SECURITY_LEVEL to ‘LOW’ or ‘NONE’ in your MicroStation Configuration Variables settings:

Edit Configuration Variable

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