Place Catenary String

***Replaced by Place Wire String in late 2019

Place Catenary String tool lets you manually place a line string for a single wire (catenary string) between two towers. You can use this tool in places where the automatic detection of wires fails.

You define the shape of the catenary curve with three mouse clicks. Optionally, the start and end point of the line string are defined by mouse clicks as well. Start and end points only effect the length of the catenary curve but not its shape.

The line string element for the wire is drawn on the active level using the active symbology settings of MicroStation.

To place a catenary string manually:

  1. Use Draw Vertical Section tool to create a longitudinal section along the wire from tower to tower.
  2. Select the Place Catenary String tool.
    This opens the Place Catenary String dialog:


Place Catenary String Settings
Place Catenary String Settings
  • Define settings.
  • (Optional) Define the start point of the catenary string with a data click.
  • Define the first, second, and third curvature point with data clicks.
  • (Optional) Define the end point of the catenary string with a data click.
    1. The application draws the catenary string defined by the given points temporarily into the design file.
  • Accept the catenary string with another data click.
    1. The catenary string is drawn permanently into the design file and laser points are classified into the given target class, if the corresponding setting is switched on.
  • The Catenary constant value is shown in the bottom of the Microstation window:

    Location of the Catenary Constant
    Location of the Catenary Constant
    Start location separatelyIf on, the first data click defines the start point of the catenary string.
    Snap toIf on, the three curvature points are snapped to the closest laser points in a given class. This lock is normally on.
    Fit usingIf on, the catenary string is fitted to laser points in the given class within the given tolerance.
    Classify toIf on, laser points within the given radius around the catenary string are classified into the given class.
    End location separatelyIf on, the last data click defines the end location of the catenary string.

    Note: The placement of a catenary string can be undone by using the Undo command from the MicroStation Edit pulldown menu. The classification of the points along the catenary string can be undone by using the Undo command of TerraScan.


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    3 thoughts on “Place Catenary String

    1. katieweatherhead says:

      I am having an issue using this tool where it randomly becomes unavailable in View 2. It will still work in View 1. I have tried taking varying cross sections, but it does not work. Does anyone know what causes this?

    2. Mig says:

      HI there,

      is there any way to visualize the centenary constant of an already placed catenary string?
      One useful option would be letting the user lock a fix value of the catenary constant and that way be able to place catenary strings where wires have no lidar returns.

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