Points Disappear when Rotating View


Points disappear when rotating view or zooming in when trying to display in MicroStation window utilizing Terrasolid tools/products.

Probable Resolution #1:

Typically, points disappear when rotating the view because the rotation point used is not centered on the project area. Particularly at the elevation of the laser data. Tentative snap an appropriate rotation location by clicking both left and right mouse buttons at the same time on a laser point in the desired spot.

Probable Resolution #2:

Be sure that the dynamic setting option is set to the sphere option and not one of the cube options:

Showing available options for rotating the view in Bentley view controls
1. Rotate View – Sphere option

Probable Resolution #3:

Toggling ON wireframe and dynamic display. Make sure that you are displaying in these modes.

Probable Resolution #4:

Check the design file. Try using a new design file and see if the display issue can be replicated. If not, the previous design file could be corrupted or settings in the previous file are causing the display issue. There are seed files provided with the Terrasolid installation in the c:\terra64\seed folder.


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