Recommended Block Size and RAM

When designing block boundaries in TerraScan it is necessary to break the dataset up into manageable block sizes. Depending on the task you wish to perform on the dataset you may desire different block sizes, but from an overall perspective one can recommend the following as general guidelines.

32-Bit (v8, v8i) 64-Bit (CE)
Recommendation 20 million 100 million
Maximum count 30 million 1000 million
  • Only RAM (Random Access Memory) limits how many points one can read in at the same time
  • Largest tested count: 4.5 billion

64-Bit Applications & RAM

  • More RAM the better
  • 64-bit software uses more RAM per point than 32-bit software
4GB Stick with 32-bit software
8GB 64-bit software a little better than 32-bit

Use 40-60 million per block

16GB Recommended minimum

100 million point block is practical

32GB Flexible block size

Can load 1000 million points for viewing


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4 thoughts on “Recommended Block Size and RAM

  1. says:

    We use the Terrasolid add-ons for LiDAR laser scanning. The program is only using ~900mb of memory and 8-10% of CPU on a 64GB computer with Intel Xeon CPU. When processing, some parts take up to 24 hours or more for small point clouds of no more than 10M points. Does anybody have a suggestion for how we may be able to improve this? Terrasolid support have been unable to provide guidance on the issue.

  2. paradigm_Lidar says:

    We have already using 64_Bit and 16 GB RAM.Now the problem is line & Intensity mode only problem in Panning time..Other Modes having no problem while panning (Zoom in,Zoom out) time.

    1. From the testing that we have done here at GeoCue we have not seen this issue. We suggest that you ensure that your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version, as well as update to the latest version of MicroStation CONNECT. Short of that resolving the issue the problem may reside with something specific about your configuration or dataset, in which case, we suggest that you contact your local Terrasolid Distributor for direct support in looking into this issue.

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