Rut Analysis using Terrasolid

One of the many applications that are suited to the use of mobile LIDAR analysis, is the identification and measurement of ruts and potholes. Here we will discuss the preparation of the data, ways to visualize rutting, the classification of pot holes, and the production of road section parameters.

As with any kind of LIDAR dataset, it is important to prepare it for your specific application. Ensure that the data is calibrated, that the most accurate points are used for processing, and that the surface of the road is classified.

For mobile scanning projects, the quality of GPS positioning and thus, the quality of the trajectory is usually not as good and constant as it is for airborne projects due to GPS gaps caused by large buildings, trees, rock formations, etc. along the roads. Also known as urban canyons. Hence, the positional accuracy of the trajectory can vary a lot during a drive session.

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