Selection Box just outside of Window Extent


When trying to complete a task, the selection tool is hiding just out of the window extent. The window can’t be expanded any farther.

Fig. 1: Viewer Properties Window showing inaccessible selection box. LP360 Version 2018.1.

Probable Resolution #1:

LP360 2018.2 or better has a revamped Live View tool that would allow you to customize, synchronize, and dynamically update your map, profile, and 3D views. Here are some of the new features, and the feature matrix. We would highly recommend updating.

Fig. 2: Revamped Live View tool.

Probable Resolution #2

Adjust your Windows display settings to be 100%. Right-click the the Start menu to bring up the Context menu, go to Settings > System > Display.

Fig. 3: Changing Windows Display Settings to 100%.

When setting up a new workstation, its a good idea to check and set the screen resolution beforehand.


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