Setting Flags within Terrasolid v016

Starting in Terrasolid version 016.002, users are now given an option within Define Classes to create separate entries for all 8-bit class + classification bit combinations. This gives users the ability to set classification flags in a more straight forward method then previously available.

The four classification flags that are available when using LAS v1.4 as the storage format are:

Synthetic (S)

Keypoint (K)

Withheld (W)

Overlap (O)

As an example:

For ground points a user has a class defined using class number 2 and called “Ground”. For ground points with the overlap bit set, a user would want to create another class called “Ground”, which also uses the class number 2, but also has the “Overlap” flag checked. This class would then represent overlap ground points and display in the Point Classes list as “O2”. Multiple flags may be assigned to a single class such that “KO2” would be Ground points with the keypoint and overlap flags set.

Define Classes - Set Flags

Define Classes – Set Flags

Overlap Ground Class Definition

Overlap Ground Class Definition

If flags already exist within the dataset, define classes will automatically add the classes to the define class list when the data is loaded into the program.

Note: Classification flags are only stored in the LAS v1.4 file format.



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