Silently Installing Terrasolid Products

Silent installation of the Terrasolid products is possible. To run setup.exe in automatic mode, use a command line such as:

setup "c:\terra64" "c:\terra64" "c:\ms64\Program\MicroStation"

Where the first parameter is the folder to install Terra executables, second parameter is folder to install Terra settings, and third parameter is folder where MicroStation executable is found.


There are no known parameters for the setup.exe to silently install the new TerraSlave (v020.006 and later) and install the service using a username and password. It will always install as a Local System Account, which may not have the adequate permissions to access the data. However, you can change the configuration after the installation. If the service does not install using the setup.exe, manually install it.

To update TerraSlave, stop the service before silently running the latest TerraSlave installation. Example:

sc stop TerraSlaveService
setup.exe "C:\terra64"
sc config TerraSlaveService obj= "DOMAIN\username" password= "PASSWORD"

Include quotes around the service username and password. Note the space after each equal sign.

***Only necessary when you wish to use the machine as a slave machine. See TerraSlave and TerraDispatcher for more information.


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