Silent Terra License Check Out/In

Beginning with Terra License Server/Service/Manager v019.003 automatic or silent check out/in of the various Terrasolid product licenses is now possible.

To run interactively as in the past, simply start the Terra License Manager.

To run in silent mode use the following command line:


license_manager VVV DD Module[+]

For example:

Example A:
license_manager 019 20 slave
This gets TerraSlave version 019 license for 20 days.

Example B:
license_manager 020 10 scan+model
This gets TerraScan and TerraModeler version 020 licenses for 10 days.

Example C:
license_manager 019 0 slave
This returns TerraSlave license to pool.


VVVLicense version number, example 019 for, 020 for
DDn days for license checkout, set n=0 to check the license(s) back into the server pool.
Modulescan = TerraScan license
model = TerraModeler license
match = TerraMatch license
photo = TerraPhoto license
slave = TerraSlave license
survey = TerraSurvey license
stereo = TerraStereo license

Note: Get or return more than one module at the same time by concatenating the modules with ‘+’.

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